Midstate Independent Living

                                Consultants, Inc.


                              "          "Working for people with

                                   disabilities towards


                                   to make informed choices"


OTHER SERVICES OFFERED  (This page is under construction).


Systems Advocacy -- For information on educating legislators on community needs go to WCILC Advocacy Plan -- SYSTEMS ADVOCACY


Assistive Technology Loan Closet:  We offer information and loans of assistive equipment.  Individuals make more informed choices on products and services when they are equipped with knowledge of the technology.

  • Assistive technology needs assessments
  • Trying out devices before buying them
  • Researching various features of equipment


Recreational Training:  We assist people with disabilities to identify recreational opportunities.  We also offer recreational opportunities several times per year for people with disabilities, their families, friends and caregivers.

  • Making existing programs more accessible
  • Locating opportunities
  • Learning how to modify a favorite activity


Benefits Counseling:  We provide information on benefits program rights and entitlements as it is related to:

  • Assistive Technology needs
  • Understanding Social Security benefits
  • Education and assistance in appeal process


Employment Guide:  We provide support to help you in:

  • Identifying career goals
  • Removing barriers
  • Creating/updating resumes
  • Mock interviews
  • Pre-employment skills training
  • Job searching


Architectural Accessibility:  We provide information on modification alternatives for homes and technical assistance on architectural accessibility for consumers, business and public entities.

  • Home assessments
  • Options for ramp and parking lot designs
  • Options for making a home more accessible



Representative Payee Services -- Approved SSA site for Representative Payee services 


Personal Assistance ("My Way Home") Services:  We provide "in-home" assistance to older adults and individuals with disabilities.  The services are provided in the comfort of the individual's home.  Help can range from personal needs to simple household tasks.  This program is available to individuals receiving Medical Assistance, Long Term Care Insurance or can be private pay.


Youth Transition Services:  We assist youth and their parents to prepare for the transition from school to adult living through:

  • Attending IEP meetings to advocate for the student
  • Providing Independent Living Skills training before transition from school


Nursing Home Transition Services:  We assist consumers living in nursing facilities to live in the community of their choice through:

  • Identifying and eliminating barriers to community living
  • Providing Independent Living Skills training
  • Personal cares program "My Way Home"


Presentation Request:   We would be happy to visit your place of employment, support groups, service groups (such as the Optimist's Club or the Lion's Club), etc. to talk about our services, demonstrate some of our Assistive Technology, provide potential funding resources for communications equipment, etc. and answer many of your questions.