Midstate Independent Living

                                Consultants, Inc.


                              "          "Working for people with

                                   disabilities towards


                                   to make informed choices"



In July 2000 Midstate Independent Living Consultants, Inc., opened its doors as a newly-created Independent Living Center in Central and Northern Wisconsin. At that time we had less than 5 full-time employees attempting to cover 11 very rural counties.  
MILC now has approximately 300 employees and has created programming unique to meet the large need of individuals with disabilities.
MILC staff provides resources to persons with disabilities current, changing and newly emerging needs in support of their individual independent living goals.  MILC is invested in providing opportunities to empower and educate persons with disabilities to make informed choices, to help them learn and to self-advocate and inform the local, state and national community about issues of concern or need.



MILC receives funding from the State of Wisconsin under Statute 46.96 Independent Living Center grants.


Information and Referral Services:  Staff responds to requests for information on disability-related topics, services and area resources.


Advocacy:  Staff can assist individuals with advocacy needs and accessing their rights under the appeal process.


Independent Living Skills Training: Staff assists individuals to learn skills to live independently in their communities.


Peer Support: Staff can assist individuals with connecting with other individuals or community events to learning about life experience that can be helpful.